Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards
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GOATS would not exist without the support of our volunteers. Whether you choose to volunteer your time or your money, you can make a big difference in the quality of the trails in this area. You can support GOATS in any of the following ways:

Joining GOATS

GOATS does not yet have a membership program but we're working on that.

Donating to GOATS

If you would prefer to make a donation to GOATS, you can do that here.

Recording Your Volunteer Hours

Volunteer hours can be used by the USFS to provide local in-kind matching contributions for federal grants for trail improvements. If you work on your own to maintain our trails, you may record your volunteer hours by using the High Cascades Forest Volunteers website. Look for the HCFV Work Report Form.


In addition to the personal satisfaction you'll have from working with GOATS, this year, we've expanded the rewards that GOATS provides to their volunteers. Check out the great things you can earn for your efforts here.