Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards
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Trails are at the heart of all our activities. Most of our volunteer hours are spent maintaining trails - repairing, brushing, rerouting and so on. But mostly brushing - everything grows fast here, and unmaintained trails will simply disappear within as little as two years. We work in close cooperation with the Middle Fork district of the Willamette National Forest, since all our trails are on their land, and we consider them to be our "boss" when it comes to planning and implementing trails projects.

Occasionally we do get to build new trail. These are a few wonderful projects we've worked on within the last couple of years:

  • Dead Mountain Trail (upper and lower extensions to Flat Creek)
  • Cloverpatch to Alpine connector
  • Windy Pass connector on Alpine
  • Salmon Creek Trail Reroute

Though the Forest Service is the ultimate arbiter of new trail development, we work with them to push forward the implementation of the Oakridge-Westfir Community Trails Plan (PDF). The plan prioritizes the development of a rich and varied experience for all trail users, with an emphasis on connections to the community, trail connectivity generally, and filling in the gaps in our trails inventory.